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Excite your senses with a myriad of shimmer, glitters and face colors. Use sheer as a highlighter or pile it on for a dramatic look.
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FIXIT Professional Makeup Fixative COLOURS D36 Pressed Pigment Blusher STARDUST Loose Diamond Sparkles
STARDUST Loose Diamond Sparkles
Retail Price: US$21.00
A professional makeup fixative in a clear, light weight and quick drying formula. A soft and fine cheek blush color that also doubles up as eyeshadows. A collection of 100% fine, smooth borosilicate sparkle and metallic coated polyester glitter that adds glamour and shine to any makeup.
CHEEKROUGE Sheer Sparkling Cheek Color FACESCAPE Skin Illuminating Powder
A sheer, sparkling cheek powder blush that instantly brightens and delicately highlights the cheek, for a look of full-flushed innocence. A fine luminous face colour that subtly enhances the structure and contours of the face.