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From trendy eyeshadow shades to exquisite liners and gravity-defying mascaras, I Nuovi Professional eye makeup has all you need to achieve a subtle or dramatic look effortlessly.
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LIQUID PENCIL Eyeliner & Brow Definer HIGH BROW Precision Eyebrow Definer FLUID LINER Waterproof Eye Marker
A revolutionary dual function eye makeup pencil that can be used dry for eyebrows, and wet as eyeliner. A unique brow pencil formulated for precise eye brow definition. A super soft, high intensity waterproof eye liner pencil.
DUST Iridescent Color Pigment Powder SPARKLE LINER Sparkling Eye Liner Pencil COLOURS D27 Pressed Wet/Dry Color Pigment
A 100% pure mineral pigment makeup in frosted, luminescent and iridescent shades for creative eye, body and hair makeup. A sparkling eye liner pencil that defines your eyes with spectacular colour and sparkles. A high intensity, highly pigmented eyeshadow color that can be used wet or dry.
TRUCOLOR D30 High Intensity Eyeshadow METALLOGY EYESHADOW Molten Metal Eye Color LINERPAC High Intensity Eye Liner
A revolutionary high color definition eye shadow formula that feels like a powder but applies like a cream. Metallic eyeshadow colors in a rich and creamy texture, with excellent colour pay off and long lasting effect. A highly pigmented compact cake eyeliner specially developed for dramatic definition of eye line.
BROWCAKE Compact Eyebrow Color AIRLIFT MASCARA Gravity Defying Mascara EYEBASE Eyeshadow Perfecting Base
BROWCAKE Compact Eyebrow Color
Retail Price: US$26.00
A 2-in-1 palette of brow setting wax and high intensity pressed color that enables precise and long lasting application of brow color. A unique mascara that creates an innovative lash wrapping action,  giving lashes plasticity, protection and a curled appearance. An oil free eye shadow setting base for use before the application of eye colours.
METALLOGY DIPLINER Metallic Liquid Liner
A sparkling and shimmering liquid eyeliner in metallic tones with ultra sparkly borosilicate crystals.